Women, We Can’t Pick and Choose Which Rules to Upend.

From #metoo to the Women’s March, millions of women are questioning the unwritten rules that have restricted us for so long. And that’s great, but we as women can’t upend just some of those expectations while we continue sacrificing our time, energy and money to others. We can’t selectively liberate ourselves.
So in addition to the worthy work we’re doing, let’s resist the social expectation of thinness that, BTW, male advertisers and fashion designers created to turn profits. Let’s stop following low-fat weight loss diets that literally make us stupid, destroy our bones, and disrupt our hormones. Let’s stop spending our (lower) salaries on green juices tummy tucks, all to satisfy some impossible ideal that, again, men created.
Let’s resist the pressure to “have it all,” on social media, to spend precious minutes of our lives curating and filtering every aspect of our existence on social platforms that won’t exist on five years. And when we inevitably fall short on some dimension, we waste even more energy self-flagellating because don’t “don’t stack up.”
Let’s resist the image of the woman as the sole nurturer, the caregiver. The one to plan the office party, to care for her elderly relative, her own work duties be damned. The woman as the one to sacrifice her salary, health, and sanity for the sole purpose for procreation.